Driving Costs Down — And Profits Up.

The Circle 45 Advantage

On average, Circle 45 Consulting can help companies reduce their inbound shipping costs from 15% to 30%, and outbound shipping costs from 12% to 18%.

When it comes to streamlining your distribution system to ensure the most efficient network is in place to maximize your profits, Circle 45 Consulting can help.



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As a transportation consultant, Circle 45 Consulting can now provide your company with the same support you would expect from an on-staff supply chain logistics manager.
If you are a company that ships domestically and spends more than $500,000 on transportation costs each year, we have a proven track record of driving significant cost reductions into a supply chain — and we’re ready to do it for your company. Circle 45 Consulting provides logistics and transportation consulting for:
  • Range Optimization
  • Creating Distribution Networks
  • Carrier Routing Compliance
  • Rate Guide Compliance
  • Creating RFQs for customers
  • Review and analysis for less-than-truckload, full-truckload, air freight and warehousing
Unrivaled Experience

Our Experience is Both
Broad and Deep.

Our Supply Chain Management Consultants have worked with companies in every sub-sector, including express, parcel and postal services; trucking; rail; transport infrastructure; ocean shipping; and distribution. Our goal is to enhance every facet of your transportation operations and find opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency — resulting in your company’s superior performance.